Five Must Visit Museums in Ubud Indonesia

Blanco Renaissance Museum

Five Must Visit Museums in Ubud IndonesiaFamous for his fantasy portraits of Beautiful Women, Anotonio Blanco, was captivated by the Island of Bali. Take a stroll throughout the gardens of the Blanco museum and you will witness women wondering the garden in traditional Balinese dress carrying flower and palm leaf offerings.

Inside, a stunning unfinished piece of work still stands in the artists undisturbed studio. A rare glimpse into Balinese life, the museum features a gallery of the works of Antonio Blanco. Witness the studio and gardens and refresh in the museum cafe. Don’t forget to take a memento with you as the gift shop offers handmade artifacts and lithographs available for purchase.

Museum Puri Lukisan

Ubud’s first museum, the Museum Puri Lukisan features treasures of Balinese art. Encompassing works of brahman artists to sanur paintings the works display the varied styles of Balinese art. Exhibitions feature paintings, old master drawings, wood carvings and much more.

If time allows the museum offers workshops that will be an experience you are sure to remember, offering includes traditional arts as painting, wood carving,

Things That Make You Love and Hate Sydney

Things That Make You Love and Hate SydneyThe adventurous and largely populated tourist attraction spot, Sydney has been the most visited city and the first choice on every traveler’s bucket list. While there are the ad-ons and odds to every place, Sydney too has some really amazing factors to die for and some shortcomings you would hate it for. Well, if you want to have a well planned trip, we have shared awesome tricks on Sydney travel tips in our Sydney travel guide. Do give it a read.

For now, let’s check out the city at its best and worst!

1. Climate – Well, the city experiences different shades of weather and seasonal ups and downs, This, as a traveler might trouble you as the jet-lags also no do seem to go off quickly and you keep dozing in the ever fluctuating climatic conditions. Winters are usually extremely cold alike any other European city. Summers are relatively hot that you can have a good sunbath at the beaches. But if you’re someone who gets cranky if outside your comfort zones, this might irritate you.

2. Crowded

Pardon the Pixie Dust While Visiting Universal’s Islands of Adventure Park

As you may know by now, Universal Studios in Orlando has a sister park called Islands of Adventure. It sits about 100 Pardon the Pixie Dust While Visiting Universal's Islands of Adventure Parkyards away from Universal Studios and is the home of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As you know, all theme parks need a little down time to get things fixed and a new coat of paint. This is exactly what’s happening at Islands of Adventure at the moment. Not to be alarmed, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is up and running! They would be out of their minds if they closed this down, but not to worry Harry Potter fans, all is well in the wizard world.

The biggest closure has to be the Hulk Roller Coaster. This was dismantled and removed for refurbishment and is set to be back terrifying travelers by the first part of Spring. This was a huge letdown for me last weekend as this is my favourite ride in Islands of Adventure! I try to start my day on this adrenaline inducing ride as it will set my energy

5 Reasons Why You Should Holiday at Home in the UK This Year

There are many wonderful destinations all around the globe that offer something exciting for everyone. From the mystical Far East right through to sunny Latin America, there is something for everyone around the world with interest in culture and history or simply a hot and sunny climate where they can do some serious lounging on the beach.

Despite this, there is a lot to be said to staying at home, especially for Britons. With National Parks in the Lake District, Snowdonia and the Peak District, there is plenty to enjoy within the United Kingdom – even those who enjoy the beach can pop off to areas such as Cornwall, which gets some of the most hot and bright sunshine days every year.

With this in mind, here are five reasons why, if you are Brit, you should stay at home this year and enjoy some all inclusive holidays in the UK instead of your usual jaunt abroad. The first reason why you should consider staying in the UK for your break is the fact that it is certainly a great deal cheaper than going on holidays abroad.

This comes down to the simple fact

How to Spot an Excellent Family Holiday Resort

One thing that many families love to do every year is get away on a family break. This is not only the chance to spend some quality tie together, but also the opportunity to broaden horizons by travelling abroad or to a new part of the country. Whether the holidaymakers want to relax or want to explore, a holiday is the perfect time to do these activities.

However, getting away on holiday can be very expensive and for this reason it pays to be very thrifty when you are looking for a good holiday on a budget. Here are a few tips on how to spot the best all inclusive family resorts anywhere in the world, ensuring you get value for money and you all enjoy your holiday together.

One of the first signs of the best all inclusive family resorts is the fact that they offer a lot of family friendly packages, and this means offering great value for money. The best resorts will know that families often have much tighter budget than other holidaymakers such as couples or singles. For this reason, look for a company that seems to offer a deal that

Tips To Plan A Pleasant Dive Holiday

Dive holidays can be exciting for both beginners and experienced divers and just like any other kind of holiday, you need to plan it well if at all you are to have a pleasant experience. The planning is not that hard to do, especially if you know what equipment you need and even if you are just a starter, then you can easily seek advice to make the trip your best ever.

1. Choose the perfect diving destination for your trip. There are so many areas offering the diver experiences, but not every one of them will offer the same kind of experience to you. Choose a destination that does not just offer you a jump into the waters, but one that has a rich sea life to offer you.

2. Use a reputable and recognized diving holiday company that will help you organize everything or will at least help with the basics and let you plan your adventures as you like them. Ask all possible questions about the services the company offers so you have everything cleared out for you before you go.

3. If you are a first time diver, consider travelling

Travel Alerts for Western Travelers

Dear Reader, this is not meant to be a political post, but merely to point out that we are only too familiar with the term – “If our neighbour coughs, we catch a cold.” So the irresponsible rhetoric we are hearing from our southern neighbours has got to stop. Comments like, “If our enemy hates us, then we have to take care of them.” Is only adding fuel to the fire and the domino effect that it sets up could be catastrophic.

Already we are starting to see the backlash from some of these outrageous and irresponsible comments. The threats that are being made by terrorists groups have made it clear that they are targeting the Westerners and plan on attacking many of their popular vacation destinations. Because of this generalization we can no longer assume that by putting a Canadian flag on our luggage is going to protect us any longer. Gone are the days when the enemy made the distinction between who they actually wanted to target.

Cruise ships are already having to make detours to certain ports of call. Like the Celebrity cruise lines, in conjunction with the Global Security team in

Perks of Choosing First Class for Your Next Flight

An airline often gets popularity because of its amazing first class services. A lot of people head to wish towards the first class cabin when they embark on the plane. Of course, everything looks far more appealing at this end of the world. The service seems way finer, and it sometimes seems to be a complete world of its own.

First class has gained a lot of popularity over the recent years because of the need of traveling in comfort. It has even become far more accessible because of the availability of the frequent flyer programs. These programs help you to earn a pool of miles and upgrade your coach ticket into a premium seat.

So what is all that hype about landing in the prestigious first class seat? Let’s find out!

1. Connections
Many travelers you meet and greet at the front of the plane would be business travelers and the like. This is one of the best reasons for choosing the first class because you get the chance to connect and communicate with like-minded people.
This is a great way of building more networks and associations on your travel. From public speakers

Top Attractions of Central America

Central America is the southernmost portion of the North American continent that connects North America and South America. This beautiful destination has a wide range of destinations and attractions that adds charm to its elegance. One of the most visited and popular tourist attractions of the world, this wonderland has a treasure of ancient ruins, alluring landscapes and beautiful sights. The rich cultural and historical heritage of the region has made it a must visit destination.

Many places and spots make Central America a worth exploring destination, below is the list of its top attractions that shall be visited while being here.

1. Tikal, Guatemala: Situated in the rainforests of Northern Guatemala, Tikal is an ancient Mayan citadel, which is known for its scenic landscapes, pyramids, ancient peaks and dense forests. The beautiful and peaceful ambiance of this place makes it an amazing place from where one can see the panoramic views of the city. It holds an important part of the history of the Guatemala and a trip without exploring this attraction will be incomplete.

2. Panama Canal, Panama: A 48-mile long ship canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean,

Fun Things To Do on the Gold Coast When Travelling to Australia

Sand, sun and fun. That’s what comes to mind when someone mentions the Gold Coast. From the iconic beaches and high rises along Surfer’s Paradise and Main Beach to the great surf spot of Burleigh Heads, this has to be Australia’s beach capital. But there is more to the Gold Coast than just sand, sun and surf.

It is also home to Australia’s best theme parks, it has amazing shopping and dining spots, and its lush, green hinterland contains mountains, rainforests and waterfalls, with plenty of walking trails and hidden gems around every corner. There really is something for everyone; after all, 10 million visitors a year can’t be wrong. Here are some of the best things to do on the Gold Coast.

Surfer’s Paradise and Broadbeach

The Gold Coast’s most iconic locale can’t be missed on any trip to Australia’s beach capital. The beach and surf at Surfer’s Paradise is some of the best in Australia, and there is a certain atmosphere that is hard to beat; but there is more to Surfer’s and Broadbeach than just the beach. There is also some excellent night life and shopping here. So have a swim

Tourist Attractions Near Las Vegas You Should Not Miss

Las Vegas is known worldwide for its legalized gambling and never-ending partying. However, there is much more to discover about this city. Its natural side and surrounding areas are usually outweighed by the glimmering lights. It has beautiful greenery, ski slopes, unusual hiking grounds and lake activities. Moreover, this is where one of the world’s seven natural wonders can be reached from a mere half hour drive to five hours, depending on mode of transportation.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Nearly four hours northeast of the city is Bryce Canyon, where sightseeing is incomparable with its deep red, tan, golden and white tall rock spires, as well as arches giving a spectacular contrast to the clear blue skies and green forest. Absorb its bewitching rock towers and vistas or go hiking. Try and get a glimpse of a pronghorn antelope, mountain lion or other wildlife varieties. During winter, cross-country skiers also frequent the Bryce Canyon.

Zion National Park

Just a 2-1/2 hour drive from Vegas is one of the world’s most beautiful parks. Zion National Park is rich with remarkable hiking trails, cliffs that stand 3,000 feet tall and colorful sandstone. It boasts of

Amazing Experiences Around the World

The world has plenty to offer to travelers of all sorts. However, in return it is expected of the travelers to let go of themselves and to adventure the world of unknown with high spirits. If you ask me about which destination to travel to, I’d need a lifetime to answer. This is how wondrous this planet it. There are treasures tucked in around the globe and it is a pleasure to dig them out as a traveler. Here are some of the most amazing experiences that you must go through at least once in your lifetime. These destinations are a treat for the travelers and there won’t be a dull moment while you’re there.

1. The Great Wall of China
Listed as one of the wonders of the wonders of the world, this magnificent man made structure is a must to visit. Tourists get blown away upon this visit and it is amazing to explore the rich history of the construction process. It may not be visible from the moon, but it is certainly no less of amazement. No matter how well you explore the wall, you’ll still be astonished at how it is possible

Top 5 Mountain Expedition Peaks in Nepal

There are 6 countries that are home to the Himalayan mountain range: Nepal, China/Tibet, India, Bhutan, Pakistan and Myanmar. Without question or debate it is Nepal that stands out as the Himalayan Kingdom. Not only does it contain the highest number of peaks of any other country housing the Himalaya, it has the most peaks open for climbing and has by far the best infrastructure to support tourism and mountaineering. Nepal has seen mountaineering activity that dates back further than any other asian country with the early expeditions beginning in the 1890’s and early 19th century. The Himalaya in central Asia was the last and greatest mountain range to see exploration and eventually became the range where modern-day expedition assaults and tactics were developed by the early pioneers.

The Nepal government (Ministry of Tourism) and the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) earned $3.91 million USD in tourist revenue from mountaineering permits in 2013. This amount is cited from figures released by the Nepali government. Year to year this number fluctuates, but its fair to say that just by looking at the financial evidence, Nepal should be on your bucket list if you’re a mountain climber.


Kibuka Falls Adventure Into One of Kenyas Hidden Allures

When people hear of Kenya, they think of lions and elephants and the wildebeest migration. Then they think of the Maasai, the sunny beaches and Mt. Kenya. After that they can think of whatever the media has made them believe to be great about Kenya, but few, if any, have had the pleasure of knowing about, let alone visiting the hidden wonder called Kibuka Falls. From what I learnt from a hydro-mechanical engineer, one of the basic elements about water is that it always finds it level.

The Chinese, with their unending philosophies about nature have found a clever way of expressing this, by stating that even though water is soft, it overcomes any barrier not by fighting it but by going over it. The Latin phrase gutta cavat lapidem non vi sed saepe cadendo translates to “a drop makes a hole into a rock, not by force but by constant falling”. These are some of water’s great yet simple attributes, but beyond these there is the issue of cohesive forces and gravitational flow that dictates the flow of water, and here is where my interest lies. This is because Kibuka Falls is one of the

Adventure in Alaska on a Diesel Pusher

The ultimate in quality construction, luxe amenities and spacious living on-the-go – that is class A motor home for you. With its unique level of privacy and comfort, and abundant storage capacity, a Class A coach will truly be your home-away-from-home on the open road. Featuring the best driving safety technologies, these luxurious home-on-wheels have the added reliability of a powerful diesel engine. No wonder, millions of Americans lust for a well decked-up diesel pusher. Fret not if you cannot afford a brand new unit right now; simply opt for a used class A diesel motor home to fulfill your travel aspirations. Be it on the coast or up in the mountains, a well-maintained used rig can comfortably take you to any destination you can dream of. Can’t decide on the place for your maiden Class A adventure? Why not go for the spectacular Alaska and celebrate the explorer in you? The vast, uncharted ‘Last Frontier’ will be a treat for all your senses. Here are five things you must do when RV-ing to Alaska:

Explore the Most Beautiful Drive in America along the Seward Highway South of Anchorage

The long drive along the winding,

Going on a Trip on an RV Here Are 5 PreTravel Tips for You to Follow

Most people these days are over enthusiastic about an adventure backpacking and why won’t they be? After all, these days’ people hardly can enjoy an extended vacation due to extreme work pressure. So the prospect of a hiking trip seems extremely appealing to most people. As appealing as it might sound, going hiking is not everyone’s cup of tea.

A good alternative to hiking which is well within everyone’s reach is travelling in an RV. Both are similar in the sense that you can choose your travel destination and go wherever you please with complete independence. But in addition to freedom, you can travel luxuriously in an RV. But like any other travel medium, careful planning is the key.

Here are a few pre-travel tips for you to follow in case you are using an RV:

    • Choose your destination: It’s true that in an RV, you can go places as you please and not that much meticulous planning is required. But still, you need to have the basic idea of where you want to go. The internet is the best place to do some research and find out about all the interesting places you want

Travelling to Bali When You Are a Newbie

Nothing can be more enticing than an exotic island paradise when you are thinking of rejuvenating yourself in your next vacation. One of the most popular destinations that have never lost its charm is Bali in Indonesia. This island paradise is famous for its pristine beaches, relaxed surroundings and an addictive Asian charm that would surely help you shed all your anxiety and rejuvenate in the lap of nature. So if you are travelling to Bali for the first time then here are a few interesting tips that you would find useful.

Reaching this paradise is not a difficult task as you will find ample flight options from Europe, Australia and USA as well. However a prior booking of tickets would help you get a better price. Remember! It is one of the hotspots for travellers from all corners of the world.

It is best to travel between May and September as it is the dry season in Bali. The other months mainly remains cloudy and wet because of heavy rainfall. The dry months will let you get a glimpse of nature at its best in the tropics.

It can be quite hot during the

Creepy Haunted Houses in Maine Make Your Blood Run Cold

Has someone ever seen the “White Lady” at Brownsville Road? A drive on the ‘Green Bridge’, Maine rakes up an icky feeling. You cannot help standing a quiver with bated breath while you’re driving to one of the creepiest haunted houses in Maine.

You need to have a fairy’s heart to go for a “haunt tour in Maine”.

She’s (Maine) serene, wild, and she deserves to be gawked at for her mystical beauty. Apart from getting gobsmacked by Screw Auger Falls, in the name of Merlin you’ll be shaken like a leaf to find her locks crowned with spooky haunted houses all over.

Geeze, you can’t stand even the façade of John J. Brown house!!

Stepping out of the car, eek, you cannot help having jitters facing its façade.

Towering high to the east of Western Cemetery, John J. Brown house in Portland doesn’t even call for a tour to make someone tongue-tied.

Neo-Gothic style keeps its brooding charm alive for ages.

Zounds! The Gothic House, as it’s popularly known in the neighborhood, its façade is just a tip of the dungheap.

There’s something fishy about the Gothic mansion

Jungle Safari at Pench National Park

What would it be like, to stay in a jungle and go on a safari, spotting wildlife around? Well, after my trip to Pench National Park near Nagpur in India, I can say it was lovely!!! I was definitely very skeptical staying in a jungle since I’ve never done something like this before.

I am not a die-hard animal / wildlife lover, but I enjoy nature and going on adventure trips. I have never really done a trip which involved me taking out time, just to go spot wildlife in its natural habitat. Pench was my first such visit and after this visit, I am planning to follow it up with some others.

The Travel – We (I had a couple of girl pals along) took a flight from Mumbai to Nagpur and followed it up with a 2-hour drive further to Pench. We had booked the car via the resort we were to stay at.

The stay – We had booked a resort called Tuli Pench. I haven’t been to other resorts so can’t tell much about them, but I was definitely very happy with the resort we had booked. We stayed in

Zip Line In Africa

Few other areas of the world can be so perfect for zip lines. Africa is the second largest continent in terms of people and area. It contains 11.7 million square miles including some of the African islands. Africa covers 6 percent of the earth’s surface. Africa has 1 billion people spread out in 65 territories. The Mediterranean Sea borders Africa to the north, splitting it from Europe. The Suez Canal and Red Sea separate Asia from Africa. To the south is the Atlantic with the Indian Ocean on the southeast.

Madagascar is mostly tropical forest, with plenty of zip lining options on a day trip to the island. Africa is considered the location of the origin of humans. It is said that Eastern Africa was the first place to be inhabited by the early hominids. The scientific community believes that Africa is the starting point for the spread of the human race throughout the world, and they have found at least seven ancestors buried in the earth of Africa.

Africa’s location on the equator offers a temperate climate in the north, with warm temperatures throughout most of the continent. The Seychelles have recently become one of